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by | 7th, September 2005

‘“EVIL BAKRI BACK,” announces the Sun. And we tremble at the prospect.

‘Taxi for Joe Cole’

We thought we’d seen the back of the Sun’s resident mad mullah, but now the paper brings news that the Tottenham Taliban has returned to spread hatred from his Ford Galaxy Bakri-mobile.

But hold the phone to the immigration department. He’s not back at all, not really. He’s still in Lebanon. Bakri’s not appearing on a north London soapbox, but on a “sick” website.

Readers are not given the site’s web address, it being deemed only suitable for the Sun’s tutored eyes. But the paper’s experts have selected a few random passages to shock us with.

Bakri says a terrorist attack will “most probably happen again”. He hails the London bombers as the “fantastic four”. He says we have nobody to blame but ourselves.

And… Well, and nothing. He has nothing new to say. We don’t hear his opinion on the first Muslim Miss England. We know not what he makes of Sven Goran Eriksson’s decision to drop Joe Cole from the England team to face Northern Ireland tonight. And incredibly he has nothing whatsoever to say on Kerry Katona’s decision to give up the booze.

Yet Bakri still manages to excite the Sun’s leader column. He may no longer be among us in person, “but the fact he is still able to preach his hatred from afar could be as dangerous as his presence on British soil”.

Too right. His website must be closed down. Better yet, shut down your computer and don’t dare switch it back on until Bakri has been removed.

But don’t worry, if you still want to read what this rambling loon has to say, the Sun will continue tracking his every word…’

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