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The Real Deal

by | 9th, September 2005

‘PINCH yourself. Harder! Go on, let out some anger. Imagine your arm is Sven. That’s it. Now ask yourself this: are you real?

‘Power to the reaple!’

The angry mark on your arm says you are. As does the tear in your eye. And since you are real, there’s a real chance you will be the kind of person Liam Fox wants in his real world.

The Times says that the Shadow Foreign Secretary has just become the fourth runner to enter the stumbling marathon of a race to become the next leader of the Conservative party.

“Jittery Brown” may have set his “attack dogs” on that other would-be Tory leader Kenneth Clarke, as the Telegraph says, but it’s Fox who occupies the Times’s political review.

Rated as a 16-1 outsider for the job, Fox maintains that he has a real chance of success. “One thing we know from recent Tory races is that the pundits are almost always wrong,” says he. (Which, given the performance of the race’s past winners, suggests that the pundits and not the party’s MPs nor its member should elect the Tory champion.)

So Fox is buoyant. And could he be anything other than confident as he unveils his cunning election strategy.

“We have to stop some of those tings [“crime, the break-up of the family, the lack of cohesive communities”], but we do not do it talking to ourselves, we do it by getting down with the real issues, with real places, with real people.”

Real people like you. Really…’

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