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Who Grassed Moss?

by | 16th, September 2005

‘WHEN the Mirror showed us pictures of Kate Moss taking cocaine, we were incredulous. Could those photos really be of the mod-el, or had the Mirror erred again?

A smoking gun

Now we fear the ugly truth as the “WORLD EXCLUSIVE” that Kate has a “£200 A DAY COKE HABIT” erupts on the Sun’s front page.

Overlooking the paper’s claim at exclusivity of a story the Mirror has already broken and is featured prominently in the Mail, we wonder why it is when someone has a cocaine habit we are told not how much they take, but how much they spend?

Are we all so streetwise that each of us can work out how much of the drug £200 buys? And might it be that Moss, being a wealthy girl about town is being fleeced by the dealers? While £200 might buy a typical Sun reader a few grams, Moss might be getting along on a few grains of the illicit powder.

But whatever it is she’s taking, Moss likes it, as three comments on her drug taking prick the Sun’s front page: “Model snorts line when she wakes up”; “Awake 3 DAYS on crazed hol in Ibiza”; “Bust-up with junkie Pete over drugs abuse.”

For this insight into Moss’s life we can thank a “close pal of the catwalk queen”. This pal says Moss has dealers all over the world. “But what is so amazing is that she can do drugs, stay up all night and yet still look good. No one can quite figure out how she manages it.”

Perhaps it’s her genes. Perhaps cocaine acts as a restorative? Perhaps up in Moss’s attic there’s a Vogue cover showing Kate with a lined face, bloodshot eyes and the kind of hair-style a cat coughs up.

In any case, the Mail says Moss earns £4million-a-year, which by our estimations makes her £200 a day habit well within budget and even leaves some left over for cigarettes and rolled up fivers to snort drugs through.

But the paper says on its front page that cocaine presents a threat to Moss’s livelihood. Her “fashion deals are in jeopardy”.

And it’s a line not without substance, as high street clothing chain H & M considers whether to stick with the 31-year-old Moss or blow her off. Another source tells the paper that Moss is “terrified” she will also lose her Chanel contract.

There then follows a piece by the Mail’s Natalie Clarke in which Moss takes on the role of the dreaded Bridget Jones. “She [Moss] wakes up each day at around lunchtime and, once the pounding in her head has reached a manageable level, tentatively gets out of bed and reaches for her handbag.”

Oh… Go on. “She lifts out a bag of white powder and, with the skill of the practised user, chops herself a line of cocaine. She snorts it.”

The Moss life continues, taking in a morning glass of enlivening white wine, which makes her feel better, “almost ready to face the day”.

But Clarke, who seems to know so much about what Moss gets up to, should hold her twitching pen. The Mail says that within Kate’s circle, the so-called Moss’s Posse, a witch hunt is underway to discover the traitor who sold Moss out.

Moss’s boyfriend, the barely intelligible Pete Doherty, says that he will “break their legs” when he finds them, although how he’ll do it is not said – perhaps he’ll fall over onto them.

But it makes us wonder if the Mail’s Clarke is part of Moss’s inner gang, and if she is the one who ratted? Or is it someone else?

Perhaps, and this is a long shot, the grass might be Moss herself. The papers pay big money for such sensation. She’s not getting any younger, and a career before the camera is over in a flash. And at £200 a day, her retirement won’t come cheap…’

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