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by | 19th, September 2005

‘COCAINE white is very much this season’s black as the Sun leads with more news of fashion icon Kate Moss and her “junkie lover” Pete Doherty.

Pete and Kate in happier times

And the story is a sad one, as we read how Moss has dumped her boyfriend.

As a “close chum” of the model’s tells the Sun: “She loves him to death but knows she is on a self destruction trip if she doesn’t cut him loose.”

So they have gone their separate ways, she to New York and he to Ibiza. There are no pictures of Moss weeping, snorting, smoking or otherwise, but there are a few shots of Doherty doing what he’s famous for and getting off his face.

His “astonishing rampage” took in “coke, dope and liquid E…washed down with rum, gin and beer” – and that’s just what the Sun saw him take.

Doherty then “threatened to carve up a terrified Sun reporter with a broken bottle”, “partied until 9am with groupies” and “hurled” bottles against a wall and into the swimming pool at his “posh” villa.

It’s all so very rock ‘n roll. And there was even some music, as Doherty took to the stage at a club and played The Beatles She Loves You and Sally Can Wait by Oasis. He followed that in the traditional manner by smashing up a £10,000 guitar.

As we say, all very rock ‘n’ roll. And while not exactly original, Doherty’s performance does make a nice change from anodyne recording artistes singing bland out-the-box pop to Simon Cowell.

The bottles, guitar smashing and groupies all go with the scene. But what of those threats to an intrepid Sun reporter?

Well, the paper tells us later in the piece that he’s called Sean Hamilton. And when Hamilton “politely” asked the singer for an interview, Doherty picked up a bottle, took three goes at smashing it on the edge of a table and brandished the stump at the Sun’s man on the scene.

“I’m going to stick you,” yelled Doherty. “Get away or I’ll f****** stick you.”

All very newsworthy, but surely a simple “yes” would have sufficed. But the Sun’s man got his meeting and his quote.

And once again we got entertained by the funny man, although Doherty’s ability to shock is lessened with each bout of stoned petulance. How long before in his quest for something that will shock the fans and keep his name in the papers Doherty will lead to his recording a memorable No. 1 hit or duet with Cliff Richard?

But while Doherty’s career plays on loop, the Mail focuses on “Cocaine Kate” and sees “the pressure grow on fashion chains to drop [the] model”.

But why? Space in the press costs money, and Moss has secured lots of mentions for her employers. As Marcelle D’Argy Smith writes in the Mail, Moss’s employers must be “thrilled with the shenanigans surrounding their figurehead”.

Although not the Mail, of course, which frowns deeply on such excess and only sticks with the story out of a duty to inform and educate its readership…’

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