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by | 21st, September 2005

‘HOLD it right there, kids. That new hoodie looks just terrific on you, but you’re accessorising all wrong. Cocaine might be just fine for Kate Moss, but it doesn’t work on everyone.

Last year’s model

In any case, don’t do as Moss does – she’s out of fashion. As the Sun’s front page says, Moss has just been dumped as the face of fashion label H&M.

The Mirror confirms this news, saying that its pictures of the model snorting cocaine were too much for the retailer which acted after an “outcry from its teenage customers and their horrified parents”.

It’s hard not to sympathise with the parents and guardians of impressionable teenagers, worried that their children will ape the behaviour of an icon like Moss. But such is the way of fashion, that while Moss models the genuine article, the youth often have to make do with fakes and imitation. For real fur, read fake fur. For cocaine, read talcum powder and dandruff.

But things may yet get worse for Moss. As the Mail says, Scotland Yard’s finest are taking a breather from chasing terrorists and armed robbers to interview Moss about her alleged cocaine binge.

No less a person that Assistant Commissioner Tarique Ghaffur, head of the Yard’s Specialist Crime Directorate, has ordered that his officer’s question Moss when she returns from New York.

This sounds like bad news for Moss, who could end being less a catwalks model than a model prisoner. Although the Mail does say the crux of the police line of enquiry will be discovering who supplied Moss with the drug.

“As such,” says the paper, “Moss and her entourage are likely to be treated as ‘witnesses’.” So if she comes clean she can expect to get off?

But perhaps the police need not bother questioning Moss at all. For in another part of the Mail, the paper’s foreign correspondent, Christopher Hart, says he knows where the cocaine comes from.

“Like her Left-liberal friends, Kate Moss rails against world poverty,” runs the blurb. “Doesn’t she know the bloody price paid by the poor in Central America for the cocaine she so adores? This correspondent does – and he is furious.”

Dismissing the argument that Moss can do what she likes with her money as “ignorant, self-absorbed drivel”, a view spouted by the likes of artist Dinos Chapman and media darling Janet Street Porter, Hart says the cocaine comes at a far higher price than even well-heeled Moss can afford to pay.

He talks of the “blood-spattered streets of Central America” where the drug is grown and manufactured. He talks of the supply chain being strewn with “dead bodies and ruined lives”.

And at the centre of all this is Kate Moss. An amazing elevation for a woman who until last week was just a mo-del with an amusingly stoned boyfriend…’

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