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by | 22nd, September 2005

‘“IN the beginning was the word. And in the end, everyone died. Amen.”

Church denies dumbing down to woo youth vote

That’s pretty much the Bible in a nutshell, although in the middle bits there is much begetting, begotting and beguiling.

But the longer version is just so very long, and it’s hard to remember every word. Our Bible’s a doddle, accessible to one and all. And the other good thing about the Anorak EaZy Bible is that it can be texted in it’s entirety to the phones of the young who know nothing of the word and ways of God. (Buy now and get a free ringtone of Cliff Richard exorcising the Crazy Frog.)

But it could be a little ahead of its time, and for now the Express says anyone interested in hearing what the Bible has to say, but doesn’t want to spend too long doing so, can get the The 100-Minute Bible.

In slightly longer than it takes an England football team to lose to Northern Ireland, you can educate yourselves in the ways of the Lord.

The Bible’s author, the Rev Michael Hinton, unveiled his new mini Bible at Canterbury Cathedral and amid falling masonry and much lightening denied claims that his word was “dumbing down” the real thing.

He admits the Old Testament and the latter parts of the New Testament are covered “more briefly” than in the King James Bible, but he says his work “aimed for clarity in telling the basic story”.

But the story, told in 50 two-minute sections, has not met with universal approval. The Rev Ian Paisley says it’s “tampering” with the Bible. “It will be like the other modern versions, which I call perversions.”

But the Church of England backs the book, and Dr Wesley Carr, Dean of Westminster, reminds us that there’s a long history of The Bible being translated for “ordinary people”.

So don’t be a square, get the new good book. Or the i-God, as the pocket version is known…’

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