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A Role Model

by | 23rd, September 2005

‘TERRORISM might well be back on the Sun’s front page, but over in the Mirror, Kate Moss is still public enemy No. 1.

‘Let’s blame Jude Law’

The model, to be known now and forever more as “Cocaine Kate”, dominates the Mirror’s front page, her even and flawless features appearing beneath the headline: “I’M SORRY.”

Moss has produced a contrite and frank apology for taking drugs. The paper produces the Moss statement in full on its front page, as the model speaks to a shocked and dismayed nation.

“I take full responsibility for my actions,” begins Kate. “I want to apologise to all of the people I have let down…I am trying to be positive…”

That’s that, then. Moss takes “full responsibility”. She makes no excuses. No-one made her take drugs. She blames no-one she met in a mosque. The matter can rest here.

Only it can’t. This is the Mirror’s big story, and it surely warrants two more pages inside. So brace yourselves and man the barricades for “SWOOP ON THE MOSSY POSSE”.

That’s right. Police are planning to question the model’s gang over alleged drug abuse.

The paper says this probe is “likely” to include an interview with “junkie” Pete Doherty, who given his customary epithet can be assumed to have dabbled in substance abuse.

Others who can expect a visit from the cops are the ubiquitous Sadie Frost, “actress” Davinia Taylor, “musician” Jackson Stuart and former Clash guitarist Mick Jones.

What the police will ask each of them, we can only guess at. But given the gang’s showbiz credentials, we will surely one day hear all about it at great length and in no small detail, and how as celebrities they have a moral duty to act as role models to the impressionable kids.

Even if, as we’ve learnt over the last few days, it seems every one who’s anyone in music and fashion takes cocaine…’

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