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Fault Lines

by | 26th, September 2005

‘IS there cocaine in Hollywood? We only ask because the Star says Kate Moss is planning to launch a new career as an actress over there.

‘It’s called co-caine. And my sources tell me it’s like a powdered tobacco’

We don’t know. But if the Star is correct, and director Ron Howard wants Moss for his movie about the fashion industry, he should perhaps look into finding out about such things.

Of course, what with Moss being the first cocaine taker in the UK and most probably the world, finding information on the drug will be hard to come by.

But Howard did rise to the top of his profession without doing his research and we are confident that if Moss does relocate to the States she will be well catered for.

But a few words of warning. The people of America will be interested to learn that no sooner has Moss been spotted taking the drug than we see 14 soldiers caught doing the same.

The Sun says that a random swoop on 400 troops of the Green Howards regiment found 11 soldiers with traces of Class A drugs in their systems. What’s more, another soldier tested positive for a Class B substance and two for Class C.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Defence says this is a “very serious matter”. “Taking drugs in the Army is intolerable – there is no excuse for it.”

Quite so. But we do have some sympathy for the busted troops who can surely mount a vigorous defence of their position and claim that before the Moss story broke they had no idea what cocaine was, never mind what you did with it.

But it’s too late for them to be saved. But it might not be too late for you to avoid drugs. Let it be known taking drugs will not make you more photogenic nor transform you into the Mirror’s cover girl in residence.

Drugs might even be bad for you. As the Mail warns, “Cannabis can give young users a stroke”. A report in the International journal of Cardiology suggest that cannabis users are five times more likely to have a heart attack straight after smoking a joint.

The Sun says a 22-year-old man suffered a heart attack after smoking a joint made from skunk – “a strong form of the drug”. And a girl of 19 had a stroke right after using cannabis.

The evidence is there. Although it will be tricky linking the hospital cases with Moss, we do invite you, nay encourage you, to form your own conclusions.

And then wonder how long it will be before Moss’s other habit of smoking a “cigarette” becomes popular among the impressionable youth and fashion-conscious squaddies.

We fear it may already be too late…’

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