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A Private Affair

by | 26th, September 2005

‘RUMOURS that the entire Jordan wedding is set to feature on a series of You’ve Been Framed, earning the couple £250 for each wonderful moment, are just rumours.

Move along. Nothing to see here…

The Jordan-Andres are above selling their wedding out for cash, although they do like their gusts to be entertained.

As Jordan tells us in the post-wedding interview: “No one will be bored. That’s the worst thing about when you go to a wedding and you’re hanging around and you’re thinking, God, I’m starving. We’ve got food, drink, bands…”

And “…Acrobats, the little films of our relationship, every half an hour or so there would be something completely different going on,” continues Peter, showing that he and his wife and now two parts of life’s perfect sentence.

But what about the venue? Finding a place to house such a cavalcade of fun can’t have been easy. So what was special about Highclere Castle?

“We had to find somewhere very private,” says Jordan. So why not opt to have the do on a remote island or in a jungle clearing. Or broadcast it as a “live show” over the Internet?

Nothing doing. This was a fairy-tale, and fairy tales need castles. Other castles wouldn’t shut off the whole place to members of the public. Jordan didn’t want the hoi polio coming up the windows.

No way. That wouldn’t do. Not when they could buy an invitation in the form of a copy of OK! magazine like everyone else.

But what now? The wedding is done. The anniversary party is a whole year away. What now?

Ah, it’s the honeymoon, of course. And we might just one day see a few shots from that happy event published in one of OK! owner Richard Desmond’s other esteemed publications…’

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