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Mahatma T-shirt

by | 28th, September 2005

‘EVER wondered what living with a star is like? What happens when the make-up comes off, the to-die-for dress is handed back to the designer and the bottle tan swirls its ways down the plug hole?

At home with La Friel

If you have, then you’ll be interested to learn in the Mirror that Jennifer Aniston likes nothing better than staying in and bedding down with Mahatma Ghandi.

No, silly, he’s not her new lover – Ghandi died in 1948. Jen likes to hunker down with books containing the father of the Indian independence movement’s words of wisdom.

The paper says that so committed to Ghandi is Jen that she’s been spotted wearing a T-shirt bearing the leader’s words: “Defeat cannot dishearten me. It can only chasten me. I know that God will guide me. Truth is superior to man’s wisdom.”

It’s certainly a step up from the kind of lines Jen’s usually associated with (“OhMyGod!”; “I always say don’t make plans, make options; ‘I was somebody who never loved my hair. I had curly hair and wished it was straight’).

And it can only be matter of time until we will see Jen shaving her head and going about the place dressed in a Gucci loin cloth and a pair of Chanel’s little round glasses.

But while we look forward to that, the Mail has an insight into the life and times of Anna Friel, who is famous for having buried her soap opera father under the patio, enjoying an on-air lesbian kiss and regaining her elfin figure after the birth of her fist child, daughter Gracie.

But how did she do it? To take each point in turn: she dug a whole, dropped in the body and covered it in cement; she closed her eyes and puckered her lips; she spent sessions aboard the Hypoxi Vacunaut, the machine that gives the user a “non-surgical tummy tuck”.

When she’s not attending film premiers and looking radiant and firm, Miss Friel pulls on a rubber bodysuit attached by three hoses to the machine. The tubes suck out the air between the suit and Anna’s hard body, so creating a vacuum round the Friel stomach and increasing blood flow to that area.

As the guidebook states, the extra blood is able to absorb more fat cells, which are “metabolised” and excreted as sweat, which is sucked out by another hose.

We cannot yet buy genuine Friel fat-enriched sweat – but

we can enjoy a beautiful image of just what a celebrity gets up when the cameras are no longer rolling…’

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