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Retail Therapy

by | 30th, September 2005

‘LOOK! The Mirror has spotted Sienna Miller engaging in a bit of retail therapy in a Milan shoe shop.

No, Davinia, keep your top on until someone’s watching’

Good for her. A few hundred quid spent on a pair of heels may sound expensive but it’s a darn sight cheaper than most other kinds of therapy.

Poor old Kate Moss is paying £2,250 a night to stay in The Meadows clinic in the Arizona desert. As the Sun says, this venue is a Level 1 Psychiatric Acute Hospital which follows the “12-Step Programme” to a cleaner and brighter life.

And Kate’s not allowed to make those steps in killer shoes. Unlike Miller, Moss is to be deprived of life’s luxuries.

As too is one other part of the so-called Primrose Hill set, the ex-soap actress Davinia Taylor.

Further on in the paper, the Sun reports that the girl who, allegedly, formed the third part of a threesome with Sadie Frost and the aforesaid Moss is now said to have bedded Frost’s new man Barry Smith.

Davinia’s husband, one Dave Gardner, billed as David Beckham’s best friend, is not best pleased but vows to stand by his wayward wife.

And at least he knows where she is right now – the Sun says she’s being treated in a clinic in South West London.

There may well be a few such establishments in that area, but we who have watched the celebrity set for many a long year note that The Priory care home for the fatigued and “depressed” star lies in those leafy parts.

And in the Sun’s “THE GOOD REHAB GUIDE”, we see that The Priory is London’s oldest psychiatric hospital and adheres to the “tough love” regime.

Its credentials sound impeccable, until we note that Kate Moss has already enjoyed a stay within the Priory’s walls and looking at her now, it’s pretty clear the place cannot guarantee that all of its alumni will get better and stay well.

There’s also the Thamkrabok Monastery, Thailand. Pete Doherty went to this place, dubbed the world’s toughest and toughed it out for three days.

And there’s Clouds. Paula Yates and Robbie Williams have put their heads in the Clouds. Which is marvellous.

And so informed, it’s clear that any star watchers keen to rub up close with their idol should head to their local clinic for some celebrity therapy.

Or get a job in a shoe shop…’

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