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A No Gwyn Situation

by | 30th, September 2005

‘SORRY. Our mistake. We thought Gwyneth Paltrow would give us some new sparking gems of information to brighten up our dull lives with, but no.

It’s all gone Apple shaped in Hello!

Pretty much all we hear is that she has a child called Apple and a husband called Chris. Oh, and she loved her dad, who, sad to say, died two years ago.

The only new-ish key fact we discover, over two pages of dense copy, is that it was when filming her new movie she found out she was pregnant. “As you can tell by my boobs, which are much bigger in the movie than they have been since,” says she.

But with that treat on hold for a particularly rainy Sunday afternoon, we begin to feel that spending any longer with Gwyneth will not bear much fruit, let alone a whole Apple.

Which leaves us little option but to seek out other stars. And with only Gary Webster standing between us and the end of the magazine, it’s him we need to speak with.

“I was made bankrupt the week of the London bombings,” says Gary. “All I could think of was that at least I had my wife and my kids and we’re all well and safe.”

And so long as he manages to jump clear of a few more snapping sharks, that’s the way they’ll stay…’

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