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The Other Kate

by | 4th, October 2005

‘HOW do you follow two weeks of Jordan and Peter Andre? With a bucket and a wet sponge?

Kate and her Jordans

Or, having reached the apogee of love, seen the very best of what mankind has to offer, should you just give up and call the whole thing off?

Such a problem surely confronted OK!’s makers of dreams come true as they wondered what to do next.

And then it struck them like a burst of fairy dust. They would rewind time. They would go back to a time and place when Jordan was single and Peter was an acorn without a cup. They would take a look at Kate Garraway’s wedding to Derek Draper.

This pair married on the very same day Jordan and Pete said “We do” to OK owner Richard Desmond’s offer to showcase their entire event and sell invitations for the price of the magazine to anyone not invited to attend in person.

Now we go back and see what occurred when GMTV presenter Kate married Derek, former political aide to Peter Mandelson, in an “intimate” affair, before 220 invited guests and thousands more looking in via the newsstands.

“When I work up this morning I felt fantastic but a bit strange,” says Derek. “I couldn’t work out what I was feeling – then I realised it was exactly how I used to feel on Christmas Eve when I was waiting to unwrap my presents”.

But why let Derek have all the fun? Why can’t we all have a go at unwrapping Kate?

So we take a look at Kate’s outfit, or wrapping. The outer layer was a “stunning” floor-length cloak. Peeling it away, we feast our eyes upon a corset and full shirk, both in white. For added intrigue, Kate carries a handbag and shoes.

Beneath all that… Well, Derek will by now have discovered the truth.

And we hope that unlike many of us who ask Santa for a bike but get something grandma knitted instead, Derek is not disappointed with the goods…’

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