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by | 7th, October 2005

‘WHY when you’re forced to take the dreaded rail replacement service, the euphemism for a bus, are you still changed the full, more expensive rail fair?

That’s a question the Government might like to consider as they rip up branch railway lines and convert them into what the Times terms “concrete channels, and we call cheap roads.

The paper says that ministers have seen the passenger numbers on such lines and noted that there are not enough people using them to justify the subsidy. So the trains have to go. And they will be replaced with roads.

But these are not just any roads, but roads that can only be used by buses, converted to run along these news byways by having small wheels fitted to their fronts.

The buses can now travel up to 60mph on a clear run, and all the driver has to do is control when to stop and start the thing.

And it’s already happening. The Government have approved a “busway” in Leigh, near Manchester. Transport Minister Alistair Darling is actively considering a busway for Cambridge to St Ives.

It’s nothing short of a masterstroke. After years of waiting, the Government’s once much-hyped, forward thinking and, lest it not go unsaid, radical integrated transport policy.

Or tram, as it’s known in less enlightened circles…’

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