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A Finger Of Posh

by | 10th, October 2005

‘WHEN Anthea Turner famously appeared on the cover of OK!, clutching something orangey-brown and syrupy, we gagged.

Her new love Grant Bovey was not to everyone’s tastes; and neither were the Cadbury’s chocolate bars the couple chomped on at their wonderful wedding.

Now many years on from the moment sunny, bubbly, girl-next-door Anthea upped sticks and moved to a neo-Tudor pile in Surrey, turning away from her glamorous life of presenting the Lottery on TV – and turning her back on Bovey’s last wife, the sad and distraught Della – we hope history is not about to repeat itself.

“VICTORIA BECKHAM,” announces the cover of OK!. “THE SECRET BEHIND HER VISIT TO MILAN.” And, as you’d expect, there’s a shot of Vicky looking pouty and tanned.

And beneath those words and to the left of the woman is a free bar of chocolate. And not just any chocolate, but a bar of the “New” Galaxy Promises bar, with roast hazelnuts!

Can it be? Is it right? Are we to believe that Vicky went to one of the world’s foremost fashion capitals to stock up on chocolate snacks?

We’d like to believe otherwise. Vicky and husband Day-vid are role models to us all and should not be seen to endorse such goods lightly. Is it any wonder that, as the OK! cover says, Vicky had made the trip in “secret”?

But then we’re inside the magazine proper, our mouths bursting with the combination of smooth milk, dark chocolate and those hazelnuts. And we look at the photos from Posh’s trip to Italy. And there’s not a bar of chocolate in sight – not even a button of the stuff.

All we see is Vicky looking uncharacteristically closed-mouth, choosing not to show the world her teeth. And her hands are folded across a bag, keenly guarding the contents within.

And a shot of Vicky having her hand kissed – or is that licked clean of chocolate? – by Roberto Cavalli.

But with this being a secret trip, we may never know what really occurred. Not until the new Finger of Posh bar hits the shelves…’

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