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Having A Pop

by | 11th, October 2005

‘“DER-DER der-der, der-der, der-der…” What’s that droning sound? Liam Gallagher, of course, calling his fellow pop princes a few names.

The Sun says that the “war” between Chris Martin, lead singer of Coldplay, and Liam Gallagher, the Oasis front man, “erupted” as the pair came face to face at yesterday’s Q music awards.

And do not doubt that this is war. And that includes you, Martin, who had the temerity to ask the Sun’s girl on the scene: “Am I supposed to be at war with Liam?”

Indeed, you are. The paper says so. And so does Liam, who when Martin went to collect this band’s “Best act in the world today” award rode into battle.

“Nob-head,” he heckled from the seats like a valiant knight of yore. “Come on, have a pop! You’re a plant pot.”

Crikey! Anymore of that and the United Nations will have to step into the fray, unless the Americans don’t get there first and blow everything up.

But the war was over before it began. The Mail hears Martin send his love to Gallagher. “We’re not in a fight with everyone,” says he, “just George Bush.”

We look forward to that – taking on the 81-year-old former US President might well be a fight Martin, the man Gallagher compared to geography teacher, stands some chance of winning…’

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