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Shop Til You Drop

by | 13th, October 2005

‘DID you know that the average Briton spends eight days of their life in a shopping centre every year? That’s a long time – you only get seven days inside for not paying your Council tax.

And having dutifully delivered that nugget of information to its readers, the Mail tells us what we are hoping to buy on these lengthy shopping expeditions.

While we await the advent of the implanted MP3 player, and the chance to see women fiddling beneath their tops as they tune into Phil Collins, we make do with other electronic gadgets.

Things like the Xbox 360 games console, which can be yours for a mere £209, or £171 if you’re an American-based shopper.

Why this device is cheaper to buy over there than over here is a moot point. A spokesman for Microsoft, which makes the machine, says it’s all to do with additional costs in shipping, country specific taxes, the number of grains of sand on Bournemouth beach and any other reasons Britons have little hope of comprehending.

But if that’s not your thing, the Sun says you’ll soon be snapping up the new iPod video player. Expected to cost around £219, music fans can download pop videos to their new machines.

Sounds great. Looks great. And should entertain the musos as they distractedly wander round the shopping centre – eyes down, ears encased in headphones, bumping into things and plummeting down escalators…’

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