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Quake, Rattle & Roll

by | 14th, October 2005

‘SHHH!! We can hear a tapping sound. It’s coming from beneath that pile of rubble in Pakistan. And there’s a voice. It sounds like a name is being called. Yes, it is. “Javine,” it says. “Help me, Javine.”

‘Javine! Help us!’

Happily, the Sun says Javine wasn’t listing to her iPod or watching EastEnders; the Eurovision song contest singer was all ears as she heard this earthquake victim’s cries for help.

“Celebrities…answered a plea from victims of the Asian earthquake,” says the Sun in “HELP US TO LIVE – Stars answer the cry from desperate victims of quake”.

The paper looks on as Javine manned a telephone line as part of a fund-raising appeal by the Disasters Emergency Committee.

What Javine said to the donors to get them to pledge money to her cause is not reported (perhaps she promised to sing; perhaps she promised not to). But her words were good enough to help donations from Brits top £5million.

Not that Javine was alone in her mission to help the needy and was assisted by Jamie Theakston.

Good on them for helping. When the call came, Britons C-list celebrities showed their mettle.

Although we can only imagine how many quake victims would have been helped had the likes of Kerry Katana and Anthea Turner joined in.

Maybe next time…’

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