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by | 18th, October 2005

‘HAS she not fragrance? Well, no – Posh’s toilet water has yet to hit the shelves. She might not have a range of cosmetics, but she does have Day-vid. And let no man doubt it.

They look almost real

And, as the Mail says, we will soon get to hear about how much Posh and her husband are in love when she takes her marriage to court on December 5.

Posh and Day-vid are suing the News Of The World Paper for libel. As the Mail delights in explaining in a piece that begins of its front page (“Posh defends her ‘happy’ marriage”), Los Beckhams are challenging the allegation that they “cynically” presented a false image to the world at large in order to protect “Brand Beckham”.

Posh will maintain that the NOTW got it wrong when it said she had called Day-vid an “Essex yob” and said their marriage was in trouble.

She and Dayve are happy. They are happy. So happy are they that anyone who says otherwise will be taken to court. That’s how happy they are. Got it!

But Richard Spearman, QC, acting on behalf of the NOTW, does not get it. He says their marriage has been “rocked and seriously damaged by the first claimant’s [David’s] infidelity and betrayal of the second claimant [Victoria]”.

Countering that argument are Posh’s fixed, pug-like smile,

Day-vid’s tattoos and the couple’s lawyer.

Their QC Hugh Tomlinson says that his clients do promote themselves as a happily married couple – “We say that’s because it’s true.”

This case is deeply fascinating, opening up the Beckhams to allegations about how they conduct their affairs. How genuine are they? And how far will the pursuit of celebrity take over a person’s life?

The Sun knows a big story when it sees it, and the NOTW’s sister paper duly leads with a shot of Victoria on its front page.

But what’s this? No criticism. No barbed comments. Just the paper breathlessly telling us that Posh left the crowd “gasping” as she swept into Monte Carlo’s Fashion Rocks charity show in a “stunning” and “amazing” green dress.

Hmm. Reading that might it be argued that Day-vid is not the only thing Posh exerts a controlling influence on..?’

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