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by | 19th, October 2005

‘HOW much does in cost to change a light bulb? It’s a simple enough question. No jokes. No trickery.

The lights are on but no-one’s home’

The answer, as none of you rightly said, is £260. That’s what it costs to replace each of the five light bulbs at St Benet’s church in Beccles, Norfolk. Total cost: £1,300.

The reason for this is Schedule Six of the Working At Heights Directive, as produced by the European Union.

Under the terms of these new regulations, before any such work can be carried out, the risk has to be assessed.

As the directive clearly states: “Every employer shall ensure that a ladder is used for work at height only if a risk assessment has demonstrated that the use of more suitable work equipment is not justified because of the low risk.”

It could not be clearer. And since there was a risk in using a ladder to reach the bulbs which are 40ft above the ground, scaffolding was erected and a platform placed on top. That was much safer. And reassuringly expensive.

But Father Anthony Sutch, who ordered the works, is still in the dark. “People are dying from MRSA in hospitals – where is their health and safety?” asks he. “It’s very silly.”

He makes a good point does the priest. It is silly. And from now on all hospital beds will be taken apart, the mattresses placed directly onto the floor and the springs and frame taken away and detonated in a controlled experiment…’

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