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Having Our Phil

by | 20th, October 2005

‘PRINCE Philip is of the opinion that young people are “ignorant”. Just listen: “The point is that young people are the same as they always were – they are just ignorant.”

Pleading ignorant

The prince made his views known at the 50th celebration of his Duke of Edinburgh Award’s scheme, the programme that allows children to try something more adventurous and be less, well, ignorant.

When we consider the children the prince has sired in his time – Princes Charles, Andrew and Edward – his opinion seems well founded. Look at that lot now and then wonder how ignorant they must have been in their early teens.

But what with this being the prince, rather than his words ringing true or just passed over, they are leapt upon. And to the Sun’s mind this is a typical Philip “blunder”,

The paper does not say how the prince has got it wrong just that he has.

Instead the Sun complies with rule 9813a of the tabloid school of journalism, which clearly states that when talking of the prince the paper must look over Philip’s past “gaffes”.

We won’t mention Philip’s comments on the Chinese, Aborigines and Scots, as the Sun does, nor will we follow the Mail’s lead and tell you for the umpteenth time what he once said to a Briton living in Hungry.

What we will do is let you know that the Mail has found someone who thinks the prince is bang out of order. Julian Nicholds, vice-president of the National Union of Students, says it’s “appalling”.

“It’s quite disgusting that the prince, who has headed the scheme for so many years, should have this kind of view of children today,” says he.

“Young people are not ignorant – far from it,” says Nicholds. “They are always searching for knowledge and answers.”

Quite so. Some search for answers on the Duke’s schemes. Others look for answers in the theatre, on the golf course and in an organic raisin.

Some youngsters become students, a famously worldly-wise bunch, as renowned for their lack of ignorance as they are for their impeccable personal hygiene, clean living and plain common sense.

Oh for the wisdom of youth…’

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