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A Special Relationship

by | 21st, October 2005

‘FOR Maggie and Ronnie, read Condoleezza and Jack. News in the Times is that the US Secretary of State and our own Foreign Secretary are on a three-day date in Alabama, Rice’s home state.

‘Show me your weapon of mass detrucitosn, and I’ll blow the hell out of you’

Condo and Jack have planned an “informal” programme of events to cement their special relationship.

First up is a trip to see an American football match, at which Condo will flip a coin to see which of Alabama and Tennessee kicks off.

Jack has been invited round to Condo’s house for, what a spokesman calls a “large family diner”. This will give the Rice clan a chance to cast an eye over this Jack character and find out what his intentions are.

Then it’s off for a spot of dinner at a fashionable city centre eatery in Birmingham. It’s hard to resist the image of Jack, resting his forkful of burger and fries on his pouting bottom lip, peering over his glasses and asking Condo how she likes her eggs.

If things go well, Jack needs to know such things. It would certainly cut the security bill if Jack and Condo could share a suite of rooms. And so much easier if they leave together for their Sunday morning date in a Church.

It’s too romantic for words. But how will Jack show Condo his gratitude? Perhaps by inviting her to his home town of Blackburn for some black pudding and a bout of soccer.

As the Blackburn council website boasts: “Experience Blackburn – you’ll be amazed.”

How very true…’

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