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by | 25th, October 2005

‘HOW would you define Camilla, the former Mrs Parker Bowles?

The soon-to-be published Anorak Dictionary of Celebrity (a working title) defines Camilla thus. “Camilla: the second horse in a polo player’s stables of four. (“When the first horse died, the prince straddled his Camilla and rode her for all she was worth.”)

The new lexicon of words in the English language has also spotted the coming to the fore of Camilla and introduced the buzzword “Camilla chic” to its pages.

The Mail fails to say how Camilla chic is defined, but does hear from Susie Dent, the woman perhaps best known for demurely sitting in Dictionary Corner on TV’s Countdown and laughing at Gyles Brandreth.

Dent says the book “aims to be a snapshot of what is happening in language right now and current trends”.

Other words considered wicked, groovy and hip are “sudoko” (the Japanese puzzle), “crunk” (crazy and drunk”), “fanboys” (boys obsessed with comics and computer games), “happy-slapping” and “dog-whistle politics” (appealing to a certain group of voters without upsetting the others”).

Oh, and “chav” – which has nothing to do with Camilla chic – even if both words favour Burberry checks, smoking and unpredictable sex…’

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