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by | 27th, October 2005

‘PARIS Hilton’s video is memorable for one small thing: poor sound quality.

‘It’s raining men’

Thankfully, Pairs learns from her mistakes, and is seen in this week’s Hello! in a recording studio.

News is that Paris the movie star is all set to become Paris the popstar, as she records her debut album.

Unhelpfully, Hello! doesn’t allow us to hear Paris’s efforts so far, the magazine failing to open in the manner of a novelty birthday card and play a tune.

So we’re left to guess what the Paris sound will be. She might be, as she says, “having fun right now” and have no time for a relationship following her break-up from her Greek boyfriend Latsis, but she’s no Cyndi Lauper.

Neither is she a Madonna-like virgin, as some of you may have seen.

And we wager that if Paris were a noise she’d be a cross between Geri Halliwell and the sound made by tissues being quickly pulled from a box. Or a flat Jordan…’

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