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Narcotics Unanimous

by | 28th, October 2005

‘HANDS up who’s taken drugs in the past year. So that’s Pete Doherty, Kate Moss, not David Cameron, and another one…two…three – 11 million of you.

There won’t be snow this Christmas

The Mail’s piece on “hard-drug Britain” makes for a heady read. Alongside a picture of Kate Moss and the news that she is to celebrate her release from drugs rehab with a big party is the story that one million of us took Class A substances last year.

Not all of those miscreants are believed to be friends of Moss, members of the so-called Moss Posse, although that cannot be ruled out entirely. Moss has a wide and varied circle of friends.

And we should never underestimate the power of a fashion leader like Moss to get people to do as she does: Moss wears a scarf, you wear a scarf; Moss takes cocaine, you take cocaine; Moss dates Pete Doherty, you snog that crusty-looking bloke playing the penny whistle in the shopping precinct.

But, as the Mirror reports, Moss is not yet returned to these shores. Her lawyers have apparently told police that their client will be back in time for Christmas, when snow falls in Santa’s grotto like so much cocaine in a celebrity toilet.

The paper hears friends say how Moss is staying in the States to avoid the “drug-fuelled” environment around the aforesaid Doherty and her “trendy set” in North London.

Not that this set is all that united. It’s not just drugs that have split them, but sex, too. And now, as the Mirror says on its front page, Sienna Miller is off on a luxury break to get over her split with Jude Law.

And on the paper’s page three we get to see “Sienna’s paradise hideaway”, a £1,300-a-night villa in the Maldives.

And the actress deserves a rest. As a source tells the paper: “She’s been sobbing herself to sleep most nights since her last run-in with Jude and she wanted to get as far away from London as possible.”

And far away from Paris, where witnesses tell the Mirror how Sienna “sobbed uncontrollably” and screamed, “Don’t go! Don’t go!” at Jude.

So she’s off to the Maldives, not technically the farthest place on the planet from old London town, but surely far enough away from Jude, his children’s nanny and the Moss Posse…’

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