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Indian Summer

by | 28th, October 2005

‘WHY is it getting hotter? Yesterday was the warmest October 27 on record. Perhaps it’s got something to do with global warming? Or perhaps immigrants are bringing the warmer weather with them.

Leicester has really altered in recent years

That’s something the Express might like to investigate. Can the paper find a correlation between each new arrival from overseas and a rise in the temperature? Does a Nigerian make it hotter for us than a Latvian? Can three chilly Swedes cancel out the rise in temperature triggered by two hot Pakistanis and an Albanian in a shawl?

Whatever the cause, let’s just enjoy the effects. You might like to do as Dannii, 18, from Coventry does and let the Sun’s rays caress as much of your naked skin as possible. Or behave like George Bowden from Leeds, spotted by the Sun enjoying the sunshine in a vineyard.

It’s even warm enough for the Mirror’s man on the beach to head to Brighton and show everyone his milk-bottle-white torso.

It’s a pretty hideous sight. But it might just be enough to restore the equilibrium and bring about the usual rain and grey skies we’ve come to love and know as our own…’

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