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He’s Having A Baby

by | 31st, October 2005

‘THERE’S safety in numbers. Here are 18 things we learned last week…

2 – Paula Dadswell waited two hours to have her sick baby seen at South Tyneside District Hospital while the doctor rode up and down on a unicycle

9 – Catherine Zeta Jones refused to kiss husband Michael Douglas for 9 months after their first date.

29 – Single-person households now account for 29 per cent of all UK homes compared to 18 per cent in 1971

48 – Japanese artist Tomoko Takahashi was given a £5,000 grant to drink 48 bottles of lager and then try to walk across a balancing beam at the Government-funded Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff

56 – Paramedic Dennis Ryan was fined after he was caught doing 56mph in a 40mph zone while driving a patient with a broken neck to hospital in an ambulance

66 – There has been a 66 per cent rise in repossession orders against homebuyers across the country since last year

78.59 per cent of Iraqis voted in favour of the country’s draft constitution in a referendum. There was a 63 per cent turn out

92 – Rosa Parks, whose refusal to give up her seat on an Alabama bus to a white man led to the civil rights movement, died aged 92

500 – Thierry Henry paid £500 to have his baby daughter’s umbilical cord frozen as a medical precaution in case she ever falls seriously ill

2,000 – Staff Sergeant George Alexander became the 2,000 American soldier to lose his life in Iraq since the invasion of March 2000

17,000 – Cherie Blair was reported to have been paid £17,000 for speaking at a gala dinner for the children’s Cancer Institute Australia. The charity received just £6,774

38,750 – Geraint Davies, the then Labour MP for Croydon Central, billed £176,026 in expenses for year between April 2004 and March 2005. This included a whopping £38,750 for postage

49,000 – Two leaky taps and a broken loo on an unoccupied traveller’s site in Somerset landed council tax payers with a £49,000 water bill

85,000 – The Senate Permanent Sub-committee on Investigations said it had tracked £85,000 in Iraqi oil money to George Galloway’s wife’s bank account in Jordan

9,000,000 – The National Health Service trusts have spent £9million on art in the past two years

25,000,000 – Elvis Presley earned £25million last year, making him the world’s highest earning resting celebrity. Elvis earned more than Charles Schulz ((£19m), John Lennon (£12m) and Marilyn Monroe (£4.5m)

30,000,000 – BP makes more than £30million profit a day

203,000,000 – Government spending on advertising rose by £14million to £203million a year in 2004-2005′

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