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by | 31st, October 2005

‘THERE was a time not too far back when Camilla Parker Bowles was the scariest thing out there. How we booed, hissed and spat whenever her name was mentioned.

America or bust

Now, she’s Camilla Windsor. She’s got Camilla chic. She’s no longer the evil mistress. Camilla’s married her man. She’s gone legit.

And Camilla’s off to the States. But before she leaves, the Mail wants to tell us what this reinvented woman really thought about Diana. According to a “trusted royal aide”, Camilla felt “nothing but contempt” for Diana. She used to call her “that mad cow”.

“She blamed Diana for everything,” says this aide. “She hated what Diana was doing to Charles and blamed her entirely for how low the Prince was when he came to Camilla for comfort.”

And don’t for a moment think Camilla was in any way jealous of the younger woman married to her lover. Apparently, Camilla mocked how Diana had gone from “scrawny” to “muscly”. She would also draw attention to Diana’s small bosom and her own larger chest.

Of course, comparisons are all too easy to make. And, as the Mirror reports, Camilla has been well advised against dancing during this American tour. How can she ever compete with that iconic image of Diana dancing with John Travolta at the White House in 1985? She can’t.

But Camilla can still do her utmost to be her best. As the Mirror reports in “CAMI££A”, the eight-day trip will cost the British taxpayer £250,000. Camilla is taking along 20 staff and 50 dresses. She will have one full-time hairdresser, 3 personal trainers and one make-up artist.

Looking good doesn’t come cheap. But it is necessary. As a senior courtier tells the Mirror: “Going to America is all about launching her as a figurehead”.

Not to mention a figure-hair, a figure-face and a figure-bosom…’

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