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The Kate Escape

by | 1st, November 2005

‘“IS it illegal to possess crack cocaine?” asks the Government in its new Britishness test, as the Express reports. “True or false?”

Kate and Pete in happier times

The answer is “false”. That’s easy for an upstanding citizen like you to get right. But not everyone will be so sure. Models and drug smugglers could get it wrong.

Might it be that the South American villains captured with so much cocaine in Caribbean waters on the “HIGH SEAS” are ignorant of British law? The Sun’s front-page news (“OUR BOYS AMAZING SWOOP – NAVY IN £200M COKE BUST”) reinforces what we know, but probably comes as a shock to the captured cocaine traders.

And then there’s Kate Moss. The Sun says cocaine Kate is “fleeing” her home in London – “to escape her old druggie haunts as she fights to stay off cocaine.”

Kate’s leaving St John’s Wood, that sink of vice, boutiques and mums in 4x4s, and moving to a farmhouse in the Cotswolds.

And her posse is not invited. The Sun says Kate’s hired two former SAS minders to keep drugs dealers and the likes of Peter Doherty away.

As a source explains: “She was involved with some nasty, seedy characters. Now she’s fighting to keep custody of her daughter, she can’t risk being associated with those people.”

She wants to be a good citizen. She wants to pass the test…’

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