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Marry In Haste

by | 1st, November 2005

‘“YOU could say that Jennifer Ellison and fiancé Tony Richardson have had a whirlwind romance,” OK! says. So we give it a try. Come on, join in: “Jennifer Aniston and Tony Adams have had whirlwind romance.” Oops! OK! gives us too much credit. Best let it do the words, and leave us to do the reading.

‘And then there’s the affair to sort out, the kiss-‘n’-tell, the divorce…’

And what we read is that Jennifer Ellison and Tony Richardson have had a whirlwind romance. They met when Jen was 16. A year later they were living together. And they have hardly been apart since.

But they’ve yet to tie the knot. They got engaged four years ago. So why the long wait? Well, obviously the time had to be just right – what with the Jordan-Andre tackfest booked, Jen had to make sure her do wouldn’t be upstaged and make it into the hallowed pages of OK!.

But Tony has proposed. And Jen can’t wait to tie the knot.” “I want everything to be cream with lilies and white roses and then a big marquee for the party afterwards.”

Curses! OK! might have been hoping Jen would make use of the gaudy pink fabric and hideous decorations left over from Jordan’s do. But no. Jen wants what she wants. And as a kind of serving suggestion, she’s already got her gear on.

There she is in a “bridal shoot”, trying on all manner of meringues, net curtains and other sensational dresses. “I want a corset style with a meringue skirt that I can cut up and make into my children’s gowns’ after,” says Jen.

Children? She doesn’t have any. First things first. Let’s just get Jen to the wedding then we deal with the photoshoot with the little kiddies. And that’ll only follow a dramatic pregnancy full of medical scares and miracles.

And then there’s the hen night. “It’ll be a mad night out with the girls,” says Jen. And the bridesmaids? “I’d have my best friend Susie. My sister will be maid of honour.” Nice. But what about the celebs? Not to worry, nothing is yet written in icing sugar and Kerry Katona and Michelle Heaton may yet be invited.

For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind…’

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