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The Fallen

by | 2nd, November 2005

‘THERE’S a big picture of a dead racehorse on the front of the Telegraph. It’s the “Tragedy of Best Mate.”

Horses for courses

Inside the paper, the spectators who saw the racehorse collapse and die are in tears. “Darkness embraces Best Mate who was more than a friend,” says the Times’s Alan Lee. The paper also produces a big shot of the horse on its front page.

Inside the Times, after the paper has flogged us the shocking, awful news of a dead horse, readers see Camilla Windsor, Duchess of Cornwall, beginning her eight-day tour of the United States with a visit to New York’s Ground Zero.

There she laid a bouquet of yellow and orange flowers to the thousands murdered on September 11 2001. And placed a handwritten card bearing the message: “In enduring memory of our shared grief.”

On the Telegraph’s page 6, after the tears of Best Mate and eulogies to a terrific horse, the paper hears Prince Charles tell relatives of 30 British victims of that terrible crime that he and his wife were “profoundly moved by what we saw, not just the scale of whole outrage, but the deeply distressing individual stories of heroism and loss”.

Whether planned or not, Camilla and Charles schedule coincided with the national service of remembrance at St Paul’s Cathedral for those 52 people murdered in London on July 7 this year.

The Telegraph was also there to pay its respects to the dead. And notes that Graham and Janet Foulkes, whose 22-year-old son David was murdered on his first ever journey on the Tube, chose to take the Tube to the ceremony.

And is sees Ruby Gray, aged 7, who father Richard was murdered in the Aldgate bomb, patiently waiting to present a posy to the Queen.

And all the while people cry for a horse…’

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