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by | 2nd, November 2005

‘“IF your name’s not down your not coming in,” barks the charmless club bouncer. “And no Prada trainers.”


It’s true. The Sun says that doormen at Manchester’s Sugar Lounge nightclub have been ordered to refuse entry to any punters wearing the expensive designer footwear.

It seems local gangs have adopted the trainer as part of their uniform.

The paper says this is potentially bad news for Sienna Miller and Madonna, who own such shoes. And it might be disappointing to Stan Collymore.

Not that Collymore’s has much trouble getting into clubs; the former footballer’s problem is staying in them.

The Star says that Collymore was allowed into the Woolshed club in Cairns, Australia, where he became involved in a row that got him thrown in jail.

Eyewitnesses accuse Collymore of being “blind drunk, abusive and a pain in the arse”. It’s also alleged that he called a local a “paki” and a “wog”.

The club’s bouncers asked Collymore and the group of Brits he was arguing with to leave. Collymore refused. Police were called. And Collymore is said to have asked them: “Don’t you know who I am.”

Had the Star been around it could have given Collymore a full answer to his question, telling him and the police that he was Collymore the former England footballer, Collymore the man who beat up ex-lover Ulrika Jonsson and Collymore the dogger.

But the Star was not on hand to help. Unable or unwilling to answer, the police bundled Collymore into the back of a squad car.

And now Collymore is Collymore the accused – he’s been ordered to appear before magistrates on Friday to face a public order charge.

And he might be wearing trainers…’

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