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Blanket Coverage

by | 3rd, November 2005

‘WHO wouldn’t want to be a fly on the wall when Prince Charles met President Bush?

‘So which one of you is Diana?’

Although, given the academic credentials of the two men, the fly might have felt the conversation beneath him and buzzed off.

And there are Chas and Dubya in the Mail, posing for photographs with their fragrant wives Camilla and Laura at the White House.

After a lunch of celery soup and lemon soul, the foursome visited a local boarding school for children from disadvantaged backgrounds. It was then back to the White House to put the world to rights at a black tie dinner dance.

And this was surely what everyone was waiting for. Would Camilla do a Diana and take to the floor with John Travolta? As the paper says, it’s almost 20 years to the day since Di “captured the hearts of the American people” as she danced with the actor.

If Camilla did foxtrot, rumba or bodypop, we aren’t told. But we do learn, via the Sun, that for the previous night’s “star-studded charity bash” in New York, Camilla wore a blue velvet dress.

That’s important. As is the fact that Camilla clutched to her bosom a sequinned Union Jack handbag. “I’m flying the flag for Great Britain,” said a beaming Camilla.

The paper says Camilla “wowed” the party. Guest Marie Pelman says: “Camilla dazzled us…It was obvious she was making a declaration, she’s the new girl on the block.”

Not the chopping block, of course. Lopping royal heads off went out of fashion years ago. Rather like Camilla’s dress.

And that’s not our opinion, but that of the New York critics the Express says have labelled Camilla “Frump Tower”, in reference to the city’s Trump Tower.

The New York Post’s fashion editor Orly Healy takes one look at Camilla’s outfit and says that Diana “would be amused”. She calls the dress “fussy”. Camilla looked like an “escapee from the choirboy pews of Westminster Abbey”.

But however bad the dress, it’s surely a step up from a blanket…’

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