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Hit Me, Baby

by | 3rd, November 2005

‘BABIES are not just about getting presents, decorating nurseries and mum and dad snuggling their little bundle of love and telling the world how truly amazing he/she/it is over a twelve-page photoshoot.

Laughing like mad

Babies can be hard work; and not just for the nanny. As the Enquirer’s front page says, they can tear you apart.

Inside the magazine (“BRITNEY IN A PANIC – HER FEAR OVER BABY SEAN”), readers learn that just six weeks after the birth of their child, Britney Spears and her ferret-faced husband Kevin are “fighting worse than ever”.

The magazine hears an insider tell that Britney’s “dark moods” over the welfare of their son and a “lack of tolerance” over Kevin’s behaviour are making her angry.

Sources have told In Touch magazine, which tells the Enquirer, which tells us, who tell you, that “she has started lashing out at him”.

And: “Kevin keeps threatening to leave her. He screams and yells and Britney keeps breaking down and begging him to stop, telling him, ‘We can work it out’.”

And that’s when she’s not mocking him. Hard as it is to believe, Britney has been laughing at Kevin, her white, break-dancing husband in the bandana and streaky beard.

As an insider tells In Touch magazine, things got heated when Kev brought home some music he’d recorded and played it on their home stereo. Britney listened. And Britney laughed.

“Britney said his CD might sell a hundred, maybe a thousand copies if he was lucky – Kevin looked really hurt,” says a source.

And if that’s not enough, Britney is fretting over Sean Preston. Sources have told Life & Style Weekly magazine, which tells the Enquirer, which tells us, who tell you, that Britney keeps having “dark thoughts over and over – that something awful might happen to Sean”.

“I’m so nervous I’m not doing things right,” the Enquirer says Britney told a friend.

It’s clear Britney needs to pull her head in, herself together and Kevin into line. And stop being a baby…’

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