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A Greek Tragedy

by | 3rd, November 2005

‘“PARIS – IT’S WAR!” screams the Enquirer’s cover page in its familiar yellow ink.

She’s already done that, Mary-Kate

But this being the Enquirer, don’t fear that bombs will start to rain down on the French capital. Those Frenchies might not have supported the American invasion of Iraq, but thanks to their gift to the American people of the Statue of Liberty, French Canadian singer Celine Dion and French fries they can be forgiven for almost anything.

No, this war is between Paris Hilton and Mary-Kate Olsen. The story goes that Paris has stolen Olsen’s ex-boyfriend, “richer-than-hell” Greek hunk Stavros Niarchos III.

No sooner has Paris dropped one Greek heir, the easy-to-remember Paris Latsis, than she’s taken up with another.

And this one may not have been there for her to pick up. Rather than being Mary-Kate’s ex-lover, the Enquirer says some reports suggest the diminutive twin hadn’t finished with the lover when he took up with Paris.

Well, if they weren’t finished then, they are now. And the Enquirer shows us a few shots of Paris and the man who sounds like an exotically flavoured crisp playing on a Mexican beach.

But Mary-Kate is hurting. So it’s war. “It’s no secret that it’s war between those two these days,” says a friend of Paris. “They’re mortal enemies.” To the death, then?

“Mary-Kate is furious,” says another insider. She goes on: “Mary-Kate probably relies now that Paris was scheming to steal her boyfriend.”

And this pair have history. The Enquirer says that back in October this year, Paris was caught on video shouting into her mobile phone: “I’m going to kill her! She’s a jealous, ugly anorexic idiot.”

Though nobody’s name was mentioned in this murderous tirade, a “close source” tells the magazine: “It’s doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out who she’s talking about – it’s obviously Mary-Kate.”

So now they are enemies. And, as the Enquirer points out, Mary-Kate is not alone. Other members of “The Who Hates Paris” club include Nicole Richie and Lindsay Lohan.

The fight is very much on. It’s a very lightweight contest. But we are nonetheless trilled at the prospect of some bone on bone action…’

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