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by | 4th, November 2005

‘WITH Tony Blair’s power on the wane and David Blunkett gone for a second time, all the Conservatives need do is to sit on their hands and wait for destiny to come knocking.

‘I’m gonna be just like you when I grow up’

But they so need to elect a leader. And the Times catches up with the Tory leadership hopefuls.

There’s little to report on David Cameron, the favourite. As the paper says, he’s been “careful not to commit the party to any detailed policy”. But he does have nice hair.

Not so David Davis. He’s fallen into the trap of actually saying what he will do should he become the next Tory leader and, if all goes to plan, leader of the country.

Problem is, not everyone likes what they hear him say. And that includes Shadow Trade and Industry Secretary David Willetts, one of Davis’s most influential backers.

The Times says Willetts is unhappy with Davis for making a detailed commitment on tax and pensions.

“The details of policy will be argued at Shadow Cabinet and I look forward to contributing energetically to that debate,” says Willetts.

But too late. Davis has made his views known in the full glare of the media. He wants to reduce the tax burden by £38billion, cutting tax by an average of £1,200 a year for each family. He wants to reverse Labour’s £5billion raid on pensions.

And if that’s not enough, the Telegraph says Davis wants to bring back Iain Duncan Smith. You will doubtless need reminding that Duncan Smith was once the Tory leader. He was the quiet man. He was the cough.

A vote for Davis is a chance to welcome Duncan Smith back into the Tory inner circle. Davis wants him join in his “ministry of all talents”.

“I think he would be a marvellous symbol of a whole new strand of Tory thinking,” says Davis of Duncan Smith.

It’s a great idea. But it’s not as good as Cameron’s plan. It’s not as good as sitting on your hands…’

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