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by | 4th, November 2005

‘GOOD news for rail commuters. The Times says that this valiant breed is to be given cheaper season tickets.

Paddington – More of a holding bay than a station

Unfortunately, South Went Trains says these tickets will not be for travel between 8am and 9am. To qualify, you’ll have to change the time of your journey.

But before you scoff, take a minute to think. Since travelling by rail means you’re often late for an appointment, why not just accept your fate – get on the train late and save a few bob?

And if you want to save even more cash why not make shorter journeys. As the Telegraph reports, Central Trains have instigated just such a policy to encourage their customers to get off early.

Passengers aboard the 14:59 service from New Street station Birmingham to Hereford were offered a faster journey than they had bargained for.

When the train pulled into Ledbury, 18 miles short of the advertised destination, travellers were invited to get out.

Their train was delaying other trains behind. Best that the passengers get off and let the other trains pass. And an 18-mile stroll to Hereford would surely do them the power of good.

It’s nothing short of the integrated transport policy we’ve been waiting for, a cunning blend of diesel and feet.

But passengers were unprepared. They refused to budge. For 30 minutes they sat tight. The rail bosses shook their wise heads. The scheme was ahead of its time. Too radical. Too brave.

So the train pulled off again. And the passengers cheered from their comfort zone. And arrived late…’

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