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Boy Facers

by | 7th, November 2005

‘SEE the City boy as he races past you in his state-of-the-art sports car with flashing lights and “MY OTHER CAR’S AT MY BIG HOUSE IN THE COUNTRY” bumper sticker.

‘Go long on noses!’

Look at him go. Looks good doesn’t he. All suited and booted. The living lick. He certainly fits the profile of the successful man about town. And so he should – that profile has cost him plenty.

The Times says that image-conscious men in the City are spending their money on cosmetic surgery.

The Harley Street Medical Group says demand for “body tailoring” is rooted in a man’s desire to look good in the gym and the boardroom.

Tammy Campbell, clinic manager of the group’s City clinic, explains. “Most of the patients we see are very bothered about stubborn fat on their stomach and flanks, and say that they feel terribly self-conscious and uncomfortable in the gym, and that is their main motivation for surgery.”

And Adrian Richards, a consultant plastic surgeon who specialises in facelifts, says there’s pressure to look youthful at work.

Fair enough. But since both the gym and boardroom remain bastions of maleness, we won’t delve too deeply into what this says about the sexual proclivities of the typical City trader.

Nor will we comment on why Wayne’s nose is now as long as the bonnet on his Ferrari…’

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