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Bill Of Rights

by | 7th, November 2005

‘“BANG ‘EM UP!” demands the Sun’s front-page headline – words that could herald the news on any given day.

Why stop at 90 days?

Today the headline is deployed in reference to June Taylor, whose 24-year-old daughter was murdered in the July 7th terrorist attack on London.

She’s outraged that the Government’s plan to allow those suspected of engaging in terrorist activities to be held without charge for 90 days is falling part.

“Police should be able to hold terror suspects for 900 days if it is necessary to prevent another terrorist attack,” says June.

She is furious. And in positioning the story on its front page, the Sun is keen to show that it shares her views. It is, as another headline inside the paper claims: “VICTORY FOR TERROR.”

The Sun’s editorial appeals directly to the MPs who voted against the Terror Bill in the first vote on the matter and so reduced Tony Blair’s Commons majority to one. “Those MPs need reminding that it is their fist duty to protect the voters who elect them,” says the Sun.

There’s even a “LIST OF SHAME” in which readers are invited to find their MP’s name among they who voted against the Bill.

The Sun asks you to write to these forgetful MPs, and to listen to Ann Widdecombe. “If we now end up with 28 days and someone on the 29th day goes out and kills someone, where will that leave us?”

It’s hard to say. But perhaps in a similar spot than if we end up with the full 90 says and someone on the 91st day goes out and kills someone, or everyone.

But if the distraught mother of a victim of a heinous crime, a Tory MP and the reasoned voice of the Sun are not enough to have you screaming “BANG ‘EM UP!” like a London cabbie, then here’s some more news.

The paper says that a poll on Sky TV found that 72 per cent of fans of Star Trek, The Simpsons and live Premiership football want the present 14-day limit for detaining a suspect increased to 90.

You can’t argue with that. To do so would be plain wrong. Indeed, if you do, you should most probably be banged up. Forever!’

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