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by | 7th, November 2005

‘NOT only has Camilla Duchess of Cornwall a bigger bosom than the late Princess Diana, but she makes a better job at “eating for England” than her predecessor.

‘Where’s the straw?’

Indeed, if you had to pick a person to eat for the nation, the list of those you’d least want to represent the country in the Blue Riband event would surely include the svelte Diana.

Better to stick with Camilla. As the paper says, while visiting an organic market in Point Reyes, a town 30 miles north of San Francisco, Camilla ate her way through an apple, some Mount Tam cheese, green beans, wild smoked salmon, a dash of sparkling wine and a glass of beer.

As the Mail says above a picture of Camilla in trousers and matching jacket: “Camilla suits the lean, hungry look.”

But while we get to look at Camilla eating, the papers don’t tell us what Charles got through, although the Express does show him holding a jar of foaming beer.

And whereas Camilla is shown to be on the point of sipping her brew, or downing it in one, Charles looks distracted. Might it be that he didn’t drink it?

Judy Borello, landlady of the Old Western saloon bar, relives the great moment when she poured Charles a pint of Boothammer ale.

“He’s a prince of a fella,” says Judy. “He let me share his pint.”

Sharing a pint? Perhaps Judy thought this was some quaint British custom, like holding open a door for a lady and throwing your cloak over a puddle so your beloved can walk through it without wetting her Doc Martens boots.

But back in binge-drinking Blighty we fear the sight of a man sharing his pint with a lady suggests something entirely different.

Did he mention how Camilla was wearing the trousers..?’

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