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Mr Potato Head

by | 7th, November 2005

‘WHAT Prince Harry would make of his father sharing a beer with a woman can only be guessed at.

A thick chip off the old block

That’s if Harry thinks of very much at all. As the Sun says, Harry’s a “dunce”.

He’s nothing like his older bother William. Whereas Harry scored a paltry four out of ten in an Army intelligence test, William achieved a creditable seven.

This earns Harry the nickname “Forest Chump”, and causes “stunned officers” at Sandhurst military academy to conclude that Willis is “athletic, well co-ordinated and quite bright”.

And for the none-too-smart Sun to announce in headline form: “WILLIAM TWICE A BRIGHT AS HARRY.”

But wile the Sun multiplies four by two and gets seven, the Express says that Wills and Harry will need their wits about them when they are being pelted by potatoes.

The Express says that as part of the pair’s Army training, they will be confronted by a large angry mob hurling spuds at their heads. And Harry’s first up.

The potatoes are used to replicate rocks and other missiles Harry and his fellow recruits will have to face should they be confronted by a violent demonstration.

And it’s no small matter. As Sandhurst spokesman Lt Col Roy Parkinson explains: “If they don’t keep their shields up they can end up with some nasty bruises…Spectators can’t believe how frightening it is.”

Although surely not as unnerving for boisterous young Harry as seeing his dad with that pint…’

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