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by | 7th, November 2005

‘WHEN Kerry Katona announced via the front page of OK! magazine “WE’LL HAVE A BIG WHITE WEDDING”, the printers forgot to add the addendum: “EACH.”

The back of Kerry

The showbiz world moves at such a rapid pace that while OK! is inviting us to gaze upon the holiday engagement pictures of Kerry and the love of her life, the News of The World is telling us how fiancé Dave Cunningham has dumped her.

The whole thing reminds us of that song from Gigi, the one where the old romantic remembers it well.

Dave is more Morris Minor than Maurice Chevalier, but Kerry could do a passable Hermione Gingold, if you squint and shove your fingers in your ears.

So here’s Kerry in OK!, cuddling Dave under the lovely Spanish sun and talking about weddings and how her daughters, Molly and Lilly Sue see Dave as part of the family (“They call him Uncle Daddy”).

And here’s Dave in NOTW: “We HAVE split up and it was ME who ended it. Things haven’t been great. It wasn’t over what happened in Spain — we patched things up after that. We had a laugh over it. Now I don’t know what’s happening – I don’t know if we’ll get back together.’

Ah yes, I remember it well.

Kerry in OK!: “I’m happy with who I am and so is Dave.”

A source close to Dave: “They haven’t been getting on for a while because Dave hates all Kerry’s partying and wants a normal lifestyle.”

Ah yes, I remember it well.

Kerry: “I drink a lot, lot less these days but I still have the odd one. I had one glass of sangria on the beach today, and that was the first drink I’ve had on this holiday.”

A source close to Dave, speaking of Kerry, who earlier in the year spent six weeks in alcohol rehab at the Cottonwood clinic in Arizona: “But after a few weeks she was back to her normal self — getting drunk and having a good time. When Dave told her, ‘You’ve got to stop caning it!’ she just ignored him and carried on going on benders. And whenever she gets drunk she goes completely bonkers.’

Ah yes, I remember it well…’

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