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by | 7th, November 2005

‘WE don’t get to learn what the “B” in Emma B’s name stands for, but it surely offers an insight into her career ambitions.

‘I before E but not after B’

Right now Emma B is more like Emma Z. But things will soon improve. When she and her fiancé Brian Harvey marry she will be pulled up the social scale that is the celebrity alphabet all the way to Emma H.

But she wants more. And while we can only wait for the day when Emma changes her name to Emma Aadvark and guarantees top billing wherever she goes, she’s got ready for her OK! interview by sticking a crown atop her blonde head.

Emma – known from hereon in as M – has the jewels. And she has the heart of pure gold. OK! tells us that she’s been caring for Brian Harvey, her boyfriend. The former popstar had a car accident a while back, and M has been nursing him back to health. (A is for Angel.)

Looking after Brian has not been without its sacrifices. For one thing, M hasn’t worked for four months while looking after Brian (Emma is a glamour mo-del by trade). And Brian was not recovered enough to make it to Jordan’s recent wedding.

But M can still dream. One day she’d like to have children. Two of them. “We’re desperate for babies,” says M. “We speak about it most days and we’re probably talking about it too much, which is stopping it happening.”

And then there’s the talk about the “fairy-tale” wedding. It’s “every little girl’s dream,” says Emma. Something like Jordan’s Cinderella do, perhaps?

Even if it would only make her Emma C…’

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