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Sack It

by | 8th, November 2005

‘AFTER yesterday’s news that Prince Harry is a “dunce” (Sun) comes today’s news in the Mail that he might not be all that thick after all.

‘You haven’t got your art teacher to help you now. Come on, give it your best shot’

The paper, which likes to keep its readers up to speed on Harry’s life, says the prince has pulled out of training at Sandhurst with an injured thumb.

While on the face of it this is not the type of injury that would normally stop a soldier in his tracks, it’s enough for Harry.

So instead of spending his day with his colleagues from Alamein Company stabbing stuffed hessian sacks in the guts, Harry was excused.

To our mind, this sounds like an entirely sensible way to behave. Running up and down in the cold and wet plunging an oversized knife into Worzel Gummidge cannot be overly good for your physical or mental wellbeing. Better to cite that injured thumb and get off.

But not everyone is as impressed as we are with Harry. “The paper says Harry’s earned the nickname sicknote.

But a Clarence House spokesman explains. “He hurt his thumb playing rugby the other day which is making it difficult for him to do certain tasks – and grabbing a rifle is one of them.”

For sure. But surely some other use could be found for young Harry. His presence would certainly add an exciting new element to those Hessian sacks…’

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