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Plot Of Bother

by | 8th, November 2005

‘“VICAR bans grave tributes,” says the Express in a story that is surely further evidence of a world gone mad and the PC are brigade running out of control.

The story goes that the Rev Cherry Vann (a name surely more suited to porn films than the clergy) has written a letter to Michaela Bate saying two complaints have been made against her daughter Carla’s grave.

Already this is an emotive tale. And the Express wants it to be nothing less, as it explains in no small detail how 13-year-old Carla was “mown down” by a drunk diver who’d been racing a Toyota MR2 sports car after a “10-hour booze session”. Those are the facts.

Tragic as this is, Mrs Vann is sympathetic to they who think the grave a little over the top. In the letter she writes: “Sadly, what some people see as being bright, happy and attractive, others see as untidy and ‘over the top’.”

But what of this offending grave? There it is, surrounded by toys, cards and flowers. Less sensitive souls than we might view the site as some kind of Christmas market stall.

But Mrs Bate will not be bowed. “I’ll exhume Carla’s ashes if I have to,” she says. And if she does, you can bet the Express will be there to watch.

“Vicar forces teenage body to be exhumed,” the Express’s headline will thunder. Yes, that will do nicely. And if the vicar turns out to be Muslim, so very much the better…’

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