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Yellow Fever

by | 9th, November 2005

‘HEARING that George Best is alive is great news, not least of all for the papers, which love nothing more than relaying news of Best’s brushes with death to the masses.


It’s amazing that a swingometer showing the condition of the footballer’s liver doesn’t yet appear on the cover of one of the papers.

George fares badly, and the arrow swings to a picture of a jaundiced Homer Simpson; George is on the mend, and the arrow points to picture of a gamboges set of partly-closed curtains; George is well, and the arrow points the way to the Liver and Pickle public bar.

Today, George’s health arrow is on the curtains. The Mirror says he’s set to leave intensive care tomorrow – for the first time since his condition was said to be ‘as bad as it gets’.

Strictly speaking, in our medical terms, “as bad as it gets” in matters of health is dead. But George’s life is immersed in the language of football – where performances can be 110 per cent and players over the moon – that we should not dwell on the semantics and just rejoice in the news…’

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