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Never Sa-Die

by | 9th, November 2005

‘THIS might well be Sadie Frost’s “first major interview” since her divorce, but few of us can remember any major interviews she did before her divorce.

Making time for a drink

“I feel I’m looking after myself and doing things for me, but doing things for the children, too,” says Sadie.

And her children are important. Other women want to be star actors. “But I felt that the important things are sitting down, having dinner with your children and having a cuddle.”

It’s domestic bliss. “Those are the things that started to make me happy, not reading a review in some paper or being on the cover of a magazine.”

So what does Sadie’s day consist of? What does someone do when they’re not in magazines and being famous? What does anyone do? Surely they have no life to speak of…

Sadie explains. Her son Finlay brings her a cup of tea at 7am. She then does “the school run”. Before it’s back home for some seriously hard emailing, “researching, designing or editing ideas”. Or she might drive to her office. Or she might swim laps at a pool with her friend Jemima.

By 3pm Sadie can usually be found heading back to school to pick up the children. Then at five or six it’s dinner. “Once we’ve had dinner, I’ll put the kids to bed,” she says modestly.

The she’ll do some work between seven and ten. Or go out and be back by ten or 11. In between that lot (phew!), she spends 40 minutes a day working out, and is considering doing trapeze classes with daughter Iris.

“That’s my perfect day. Everything gets done – the kids are happy and I’m happy.”

What happens on other less perfect days can be read about in the national press…’

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