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Brief Encounters

by | 10th, November 2005

‘IF a clothed David Davis doesn’t turn you on, what about putting him in a pair of briefs?

Grimace and bear it

An image of the Tory leadership contender in a pair of man’s knickers might well seduce a niche group of fetishists to his cause, but how will it play with the world at large?

Surely it was better to do as David Cameron did and profess a preference for boxer shorts. They work for Tony and, by God, they’ll work for Dave.

Such are the things that make or break Tory leaders. For John Major it was peas. For William Hague it was pints. For Iain Duncan Smith it was a cough. Might it be ball-breakers for Davis?

The story of what these two men like to wear under their suits was narrated on the BBC Radio 4 programme Woman’s Hour.

As the Telegraph says, the Woman’s Hour studio is staffed by women, the audience is women, the questions are written by women and the show’s presenter Martha Kearney is a woman.

Winning the female vote is of vital importance to the Tories. Their chance of winning the next election depends on getting women on their side – at the last count, only 32 per cent of women voted Tory.

And here comes Davis. His bustier supporters are wearing “It’s DD For Me” T-shirts. And David’s stating a preference for blondes. Cameron’s boxing clever and declines to respond to the question of what kind of woman he fancies most.

Davis has erred. He tries to recover. “Having said that, my wife is a brunette.”

Oh dear. Davis really has got his knickers in a twist…’

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