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World Domination

by | 11th, November 2005

‘THE ever youthful Old Mr Anorak The Younger tells me that Anorak is doing better than ever.

Speaking via a telegram from the Anorak ping-pong team’s winter training camp in Bangkok, our beloved proprietor writes: “STOP I BEG YOU STOP.”

His words are unequivocal in their meaning.

And we’d like to once more greet our new readers from Wanadoo; and remind Bill and Edna Hartle that Anorak is updated daily.

They are welcome to return without any need to knock or pre-book whenever they please. It’s an open invitation.

And yes, Edna, you can bring a guest. But no, Bill, there is no webcam link to Bangkok, but if you bring a ball, the gang would I am assured be happy to see you.

Thanks for reading.

Your editor

Paul Sorene’

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