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Tear Soaked

by | 11th, November 2005

‘“LOOKING gaunt and with her hair in a mess, Jennifer Aniston sobbed uncontrollably,” says the Enquirer.

Is she worth it?

No-one likes to see that. If there’s one thing we’ve come to rely on in this crazy game of high-stakes showbiz it’s that Jennifer Aniston will have shiny, manageable and just-stepped-out-of-the-salon looking hair. We’ve come to depend on it.

But now this! And sources tell the Enquirer that this public outburst in a Chicago steakhouse should come as no surprise. Jen’s still hung up on Brad Pitt. And the closer he gets to marrying Angelina Jolie, the more upsetting it must be for her.

“The steakhouse collapse probably isn’t the first time Jennifer has erupted into tears over Brad and Angelina in recent weeks,” says another source. “Thank God Vince has been there to support her.”

All too true. If Jen’s hair can’t be relied upon, then Vince Vaughan might just be the next best thing.

But the actor surely wants more from a romance with Jen than teary dinners and wet steak. “It’s not all roses between Jen and Vince,” says an insider. “He’s had to put up with tearful admissions that she’s not over Brad completely.”

And, allegedly, there have been more tears. The insider says that Jen just wells up. “It’s happened in restaurants – once it even happened in a bar after few glasses of wine.”

But this crying can’t go one for ever. Even Jeremiah stopped to eat. She has to move on. If not for Vince. If not for herself. Than surely for her hair…’

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